Touch Screen POS

Designed for ease of use and fast transaction processing for high volume stores. Train new employees in as few as 20 minutes and serve customers in as little as 20 seconds or less.

Automatic Pricing that Works

Completely automate pricing – desired margin or markup from cost (with or without deposit & tax). Even schedule sales in advance based on LTO’s. Rules based on size, category or for individual products.

Cloud Based

Your data is always secure on our private cloud. No more manual backups. Take care of your business anywhere you have an internet connection.

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BDL Integration

The only POS system in Alberta that is fully integrated with Brewers Distributors Ltd. for all of your beer ordering.

Our BDL Integration module automatically enters invoices from BDL – and when you order new products, they get added to your store database for you without any manual data entry.

Connect Logistics Integration

Like many other POS systems, we offer automatic invoicing – and entering new product data for you – for all invoices.

We also offer a Connect Logistics quoting module – never lose a sale because your store doesn’t have a special wine or whiskey in stock. Provide the customer with a quote in less than 30 seconds – based on rules you setup – and even take a deposit on their credit card.

LTO Buying Module

We pull pricing data directly from the AGLC, allowing you to see LTO’s for all suppliers including BDL, Sleeman’s, Big Rock & others directly inside GlobalTill.

With our strategic LTO buying module you can enter your budget and it will calculate which LTO’s will provide you with the greatest return in the shortest amount of time – increasing your profit and cash flow.

About GlobalTill

GlobalTill was developed for Alberta liquor retailers’ in an actual liquor store, we’ve designed everything to enhance the experience for store owners and customers.

Retailers too often get the short end of the stick. They get to choose from off-the-shelf POS solutions that may work well, but aren’t made to work the way they work.

The independent liquor industry in Alberta has always been close to our hearts, it’s been harder to compete with the state of the economy and the increased competition from larger chains.

Just because you own or manage a busy store, doesn’t mean you should have to live there for it to be successful. That’s why we’re offering you tools to help you save time and make your business more profitable.

We hope you love using our software as much as we loved making it.

  • Lightening Fast & Built to last

    GlobalTill runs on on Amazon Web Services, the same robust highly-scalable infrastructure used to power and built on the same framework used to power Instagram, Pinterest, National Geographic & more.

  • Easy Setup

    Liquor stores can be setup in as little as an hour with products automatically added from Connect Logistics & BDL (yes, even the barcodes). Prefer using your own product database? We can do that.

  • Scaleable

    Whether you have one store or 15, we have the right solution for you. Large multi-store setups can even be deployed on their own private cloud.

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We asked liquor store owners

what they love about GlobalTill


“Connect Logistics and BDL invoices are automatically entered for you so there are fewer mistakes – and price changes are done automatically based on the rules I set up. Our store saves at least 5 hours a week by automating everything. That’s time I can spend on other priorities or just peace of mind when I’m on vacation and can’t be there to supervise.”

RayleneOwnerThickwood Wine + Spirits

“We love being able to set the pricing rules and have our salespeople complete the changes for us before we even receive the shipment. GlobalTill also has special rules for LTO’s & even separates out the bottle deposit automatically so we can set prices on the base cost.”

MikeManagerUptown Spirits

“You can make price changes to your products as soon as you receive a confirmation from BDL or Connect Logistics. That’s an extra 2-3 days of charging the higher price on your older stock, and you can get it out of the way before your order arrives.”

KelseyDistrict ManagerFine Wines Inc.

“GlobalTill sends me alerts to my phone for things like product returns, inventory adjustments and when prices get changed. It even helped me track down an employee who was stealing from us!”

ShaunaManagerThe Liquor Stop

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