Are there additional costs?

For a limited time we are currently waiving the setup fee (normally $999). Hardware costs are separate from the software and you have the option of either leasing or purchasing your cash registers starting as low as $99 a month.

Is support included?

All plans include unlimited complimentary remote support. We also have enhanced support contracts available for same day on site service & can even provide you with retail consulting.

What hardware do you use for cash registers?

For new clients we recommend tablet based (iPad) installations. They offer great reliability at a very reasonable price. However, we are able to deploy GlobalTill on a variety of platforms – if this is a concern please get in touch for details.

What hardware do you use for the main server?

GlobalTill is cloud based, there is no server and no ‘back office’ computer. You can access the management functionality from any computer with a web browser.

Do you have a non cloud version?

Cloud based software allows us to easily push out new updates and keep you up to date without having to install any software. That being said, a self hosted version is available but not recommended.

Is my data really secure on the cloud?

GlobalTill takes every precaution with your data. Information is encrypted both in-transit and at rest using the same industry standard solutions trusted by banks. Furthermore, we never store credit card data on our servers.

How much does GlobalTill cost?

GlobalTill is offered as a subscription service starting at $99 per month per store. POS (cash register) hardware is separate, and we offer leased packages also starting at $99 per month per register/station. Customers that prefer to purchase the hardware rather than leasing can do so starting at just $1499.

How long does GlobalTill take to setup?

All clients are connected with an on-boarding concierge who will guide them through the setup process. Most of our installations are done in a few hours.

Can I import my existing products, customers, etc.?

Yes, your on-boarding concierge will assist you in transferring everything over to your new GlobalTill system. As long as your old POS system supports exporting we can pull the data into GlobalTill.

Do you have an iPhone or Android app?

Our new POS interface is designed for the iPad. However, we are also in the process of developing an iPhone & Android app that will let you view your sales, scan products and perform inventory counts from your phone & more. Stay tuned.

Does GlobalTill do X?

Please get in touch to find out! GlobalTill is under active development and we’d be happy to add any feature that you may need. We love getting feedback from our customers so that we can improve our product.

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